With love, Canan Erol

Citara’s is overjoyed to announce it will showcase the jewelry and designs of Mrs. Canan Erol at its upcoming events this holiday season. We are fortunate to have Mrs. Erol with us for several trunk shows in November.

With a background in fashion design, Mrs. Erol has used her talent for color and texture combination to create amazing beaded jewelry. Each piece deserves close inspection because the details and methods applied result in a mesmerizing piece of artwork.

If you ask Mrs. Erol about a necklace, she will tell you its story – the history of the beads, the weaving or knotting technique, the way she felt as she created it – each piece is unique and personal and was created with love and joy. In her own words:

“I started beading jewelry as a hobby, but at the same time, I was in a position where I needed to earn money to help support my family. I decided to try earning money by selling my jewelry. My first pieces were bought by the dean’s wives at one of Turkey’s most prominent universities. When people wear my jewelry I feel very proud.

As I make each piece, I weave the things that I’m living and feeling into my work. What are those things?
- Happiness
- Success
- Accomplishment
- A sense of sharing and togetherness
- Healing therapy for the days I feel depressed
- Familial support

I am certain that when a woman wears my jewelry she feels the things I feel and live as I make each piece and this gives me a sense of connection to other women.

Before I begin working, I gather and prepare all my materials – all the beads, stones, and accessories. Whatever is in my heart and mind that day along with the talents that God has given me are what I weave into my work.

This work is my therapy and heals me. It calms my soul. It renews me. For this reason, I believe the people who wear my jewelry can feel the things that I feel when I make them.

When my mother was a young girl, my grandmother gave her a crystal necklace. When I started beading jewelry, my mother gave me this necklace and told me to use the crystals. I didn’t want to destroy the necklace, but my mother insisted, so some of my first pieces have bits of my grandmother and mother in them.
My little girl touches each piece. She inspires me. She is everything to me and I love her very much. She is my biggest reason for making this jewelry and all the money earn goes toward her education. The support I have from my family, from the gifts of my grandmother and my mother all contribute to my success and I am passing these on to my daughter in hopes for her future success.”

With love,
Canan Erol

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