Please meet Denise Spencer, an American jewelry designer married to a Turk and owner of Ichiche. As you can see by her unique pieces, Denise has been influenced by her cross-cultural and cross-continental life which is where the name Ichiche comes from - it means intertwined.

I met Denise through the Nest organization where she is a supporter of their microloan program.

Personally, I love to see how Denise interprets Turkish into her jewelry. Using semi-precious stones and precious metals, Denise makes very bold statements and alludes to a regal Turkish life.

In fact I find it interesting to see how an "outsider" (like myself) sees Turkish culture because oftentimes they have a different perspective than a native would. They pick up on details and subtleties that people raised in that culture sometimes overlook.

In reading about her on her site, you learn that Denise has a "bohemian spirit" and thrives on "art, travel and adventure". It's no wonder that she wound up in Turkey where the bohemian spirit can be found in generous helpings.

{All images from Ichiche}


Wini said...

Lovely blog! I love the jewellery... what gorgeous pieces!!

Tara said...

Thanks Wini - that means a lot coming from you.

Doesn't Denise have a good eye?

Bazaar Bayar said...

Thanks Tara for showing us Denise's amazing work. There is SO much to inspire us here in Turkey...

Tara said...

Oh, it is a pleasure! And yes, the inspiration is endless, isn't it?