The Silver Reflection of the Full Moon on the Sea

Ay Tutulması (Lunar Eclipse) by Servisîmin

You can imagine it, can't you - the silver reflection of the full moon on the sea. In the Ottoman language they have a word for it - Servisîmin. This is the name of charming woman I met at the International WEL Summit in Istanbul this past June. She serves on the KAGIDER (women's entrepreneurship organization) board of directors.

Özgürlük 1 (Freedom) by Servisimin

Servisîmin joined us on our first Behind the Bazaar designer tour and it was then that she mentioned she is a jewelry designer.  Though we got to talk a bit about her jewelry, I didn't get to see any examples until I took a peek at her website the other day. Now I'm planning a trip to her studio so I can see her designs in person because these photos just won't do. But I'll share some with you anyway.

Özgürlük Kuşları (Free Birds) by Servisimin

Inspired by the silver reflection of the full moon that gives its meaning to her name, Servisimin creates her pieces in precious silver and gold metals. she gives life to the metal in shapes that are quite fluid and feminine.

Öpücük 1 (Kiss) by Servisimin

I find these pieces enchanting and they remind me of something I might see in a gallery on the Monterey Penninsula - in Carmel perhaps. It just goes to show that the moon and the water have the same effect on people everywhere.

To see more of Servisîmin Cömert Birced's work, have a look at her website or her profile on

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