After moving to Turkey I found myself looking for a new "career". For a time I was teaching English which unfortunately (or fortunately) just wasn't for me.

We have some friends in Antalya (which if you don't know is a coastal city on the Mediterranean Sea) who happen to be ceramic artists. Cihan has known them for years and years because he and Tufan have been scuba diving together since he was a teenager. I met Tufan and his wife Leyla when we got engaged and have loved them ever since.

But it was a particular incident on the patio at their home when I was feeling particularly underwhelmed with my life and where it was going. However in Leyla and Tufan's company I felt very much inspired and alive. If you visit their home you will understand why - it is the home of artists. On every wall, nook and cranny is some piece of artwork from their community.

There is color, texture, testimony, shape, shadow and vibrance. There is life in all that artwork and it totally inspired me. And I realized that I very much enjoy the company of creative spirits - but I didn't really realize it until that moment, when I was so uninspired by the rest of my life that I understood my life should have some connection to creative people.

And now that I've totally reminisced, what I really want to show you are these mini amphorae that Tufan made. I love them so much for their size and shape and color. As a diver in the Mediterranean, Tufan is inspired by the sea and its long history. It permeates everything that he creates which you can see if you have a look at his website. It's in Turkish, but you should be able to poke around comfortably.

A big thanks to Tufan and Leyla for giving me the opportunity to find my way. And for these teeny tiny amphorae. What do you think?

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