Pomegranates Aplenty

I once heard that Eve did not tempt Adam with an apple, but rather with a pomegranate. This would not surprise me as I myself am often enticed by this gem-filled fruit. In Turkey it is common to see pomegranate seeds sprinkled on desserts which makes them that much more delectable, adding a tart burst of flavor to creamy puddings and custards.

But on the subject of artwork, it seems pomegranates have been making appearances everywhere.

These photographs are from an art center gift shop that we often visit. In a variety of different sizes, these crimson and emerald pomegranates stand at attention in tidy rows.

The white and gold-stemmed pomegranate in this photo was a gift to me upon the completion of a consulting project this summer.

My partner Figen has a matching one in red which I noticed she displays in her living room as I do. They are our trophies after months of hard work culminating in the inaugural International Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit in Istanbul this past June. And we display them proudly.

I can't imagine an apple making the same kind of statement - can you?


trashy teyze said...

yes, I am with you on a pomegranate - or fig - but apple, no...

Lovely white one by the way, and I am sure well-deserved and cherished!!

My own pomegranates are ripening nicely - picked the first of the year yesterday!

Tara said...

OOooooOOO yes, figs!

Lucky you with pomegranates at your fingertips - I can only stare at mine. Afiyet olsun!

Rose Margaret Deniz said...

Pomegranate all the way. No question.